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Dream home: an interactive visualization

I´ve been working on an interactive visualization of a dream home. It´s a WebGL application exported from Unity. Modeling is mostly made in Blender, some in 3ds Max and the fish and trees are free assets. The terrain is generated in L3DT.

The books in the bookshelvs are photos of my own bookshelves.

The layout of the house is actually my apartment and the paintings in the livingroom are made by me.

The front and back door and the door to the summer room open when you walk close to them.

Next, I will convert the whole scene to a VR application.


W = walk forward
S = walk backwards
A = walk left
D = walk right
Press shift to run and spacebar to jump.
Look around by moving the mouse and press ESC to finish.

WebGL applications only works in Firefox and Chrome.

Sussi johansson screen17

View from the front porch.

Sussi johansson screen24

Screenshot from Unity, overview of the house.

Sussi johansson screen22

In the water.

Sussi johansson screen23

View from the water.

Sussi johansson screen16

The flowers.

Sussi johansson screen12

Back porch.

Sussi johansson screen11


Sussi johansson screen14

Childrens room

Sussi johansson screen21

Music room

Sussi johansson screen19

Watercolor paintings

Sussi johansson screen18


Sussi johansson screen7


Sussi johansson screen8


Sussi johansson screen9


Sussi johansson screen6


Sussi johansson screen15


Sussi johansson screen20

Summer room